Short History

As men & women, we all owe a duty to the society and to all that comprises a nation. Education is a means to the fulfillment of that duty. Education is a companion, whom no misfortune can depress; no crime destroys; no enemy alienates; no despotism enslave. At home, it is a friend; abroad, an introduction; in solitude, a solace, and in society, a Shri Musafir Parmarth College of Pharmacy that dispels darkness & brightens humanity to all eternity. So let us all-the management, teachers, students & guardians, pledge to maintain devotedly the afore- said dignity of education by imparting and achieving a scientific, empirical, value-based and techno-oriented education in order to prepare ourselves to accept the new challenge the modern competitive era & cope up with the coming circumstances of the socio- economic world with great zeal, vigor & vitality.